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    Debbie Wong is a Calgary wedding, maternity and newborn photographer serving Alberta in Canada. I am also available for destination weddings. If you have any questions, you can send me an email in the contact tab or just call me at 403-890-7158.

Finalist for Bride Canada 2013 Engagement Photo!

I’m honored and excited that one of my engagement photos was selected by Bride Canada to be one of the finalist.  One third of the votes comes from Facebook likes so it’ll be a couple of weeks for people to vote for their favorites. Here’s the photo that got selected! I hope Heather and Patrick will get selected as they really are a sweet couple.

To vote click on the facebook link and look for my photo in the “Vote! The Best Engagement Photographs of 2013 (Summer) .


Best Engagement Photo Bride Canada

Calgary Wedding Photographer: Jenn+Kevin’s Autumn Wedding

Jenn and Kevin got married on a beautiful autumn day and we were really lucky as weather in Calgary changes unpredictably. To show the big difference from fall and just five months ago for their engagement photos, you can click here to see what it was like.   The ceremony was held at the Chinese Alliance Church and boy did the flower girls and ring bearers stole everyone’s heart. This couple is an absolute dream because they gave me so much time for wedding creative portraits! They gave me almost 4 hours between the end of the ceremony and start of reception. With that much time, I convinced them to take a couple of detours for a total of three locations. Jenn’s bridal bouquet got a number of photos too because each time we went to a different location, it deserved it’s own photo.

At the reception a few games were played in between Jenn’s change of dresses. The balloon question game, guess who’s your wife when blindfolded (his uncle brought out a fish head!) and Kevin disguised in the audience for Jenn to find. After the speeches that left her wedding party and family tearful, it was already the end of the night. Kevin being Kevin, finished off with his signature pose.:)

Congrats Jenn and Kevin! Ian and I really enjoyed being there on your special day. I was supposed to pick a few photos to blog, but there were so many that I just blogged a lot. Enjoy!

Calgary wedding photographer_0001.jpg

Calgary wedding photographer_0003.jpg

Calgary wedding photographer_0004.jpg

Calgary wedding photographer_0005.jpg

Calgary wedding photographer_0006.jpg

Calgary wedding photographer_0007.jpg

Calgary wedding photographer_0008.jpg

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Calgary wedding photographer_0010b

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Calgary wedding photographer_0021b.jpg

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Calgary wedding photographer_0024b.jpg

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Calgary wedding photographer_0039.jpg

Baby N: Calgary Newborn Photographer in a Home Lifestyle Setting

I absolutely love this family’s lifestyle newborn session set at their home. Their home provided so much natural light everywhere, from the little office nook to the nursery and to the bedrooms. Baby N was already 5 weeks old so we did mostly a lifestyle session. While waiting for N to fall asleep, chatting with Andrew was very fun as I found out more about his acting job. He had a good laugh when I told him how much I got paid to be an extra in Jackie Chan and Lucy Lui’s movie Shanghai Noon in 1998. For 16 hours and wearing old traditional Chinese costume with a 5 lb hat (I’m not kidding. I think I got shorter from it), I was paid the minimum wage $6/hr. It’s come a long way since then as extras are paid much more now!

Once N settled in, we did the lifestyle photos but I was able to squeeze in the basket for a posed look.  He snoozed in the basket for a small cat nap while I was able to grab some shots of him lying up and tummy down. But pretty soon he started staring at me with those blue eyes but still remained very quiet.

As a special request, Andrew wanted me to photograph him and N in the shoe room, his shoe room! It was a room with a glass cabinet of all the different Nike shoes. That was only a percentage of it because there were more in the closet. Someday N will inherit the collection along with the baby ones his parents have started for him. All I have to say is that he’s one lucky baby:).

calgary lifestyle photographer newborncalgary family photographer in home baby and dad only for a calgary photo sessionnewborn calgary in a basket with blue wrapcalgary newborn photographer showing mom and newborn babycollage of baby and mom in calgary sleeping newborn calgary in a basketpeaceful newborn baby in basket calgary photoaerial view of newborn baby in calgary homecalgary newborn lifestyle in their nursery black adn white view of newborn baby calgarysuperman theme for newborn nurseryfamily photo in calgary with newbornnatural light for newborn lifestyle setting in calgary albertashoe closet with nike for baby somedayquiet moment with parents and baby in calgaryblack and white home photo in calgarydetail of newborn  hands in calgary homeblack and white of family photo session in canada calgarycollage of baby hands feet and face in calgary photo sessioncalgary newborn with shoescalgary newborn with shoes

Baby K : 13 days old Calgary newborn home session

I love it when new clients find me through their friends and family who I have photographed previously. This beautiful family contacted me shortly after baby K was born and we quickly scheduled a session when baby K was 13 days old.  After talking to the mom how she found me, I realized that baby K looked so similar to her cousin who I photographed a few months back. Just like her cousin, baby K didn’t want to sleep and spent a lot of time looking at me quietly with her blue eyes. She eventually got tired and when mom went to the kitchen to clean the dishes, baby K passed out quickly. Perfect timing because I had the basket and the bucket all set up and I managed to get lots of cute sleeping shots.  I even loved how she gave me a little smile like she was having fun sleeping in the bucket!

Calgary newborn photographer_0001Calgary newborn photographer_0003Calgary newborn photographer_0004Calgary newborn photographer_0005Calgary newborn photographer_0006Calgary newborn photographer_0007

Baby O: Calgary Newborn and Lifestyle Photographer

Welcoming baby O to the proud parents Jenny and Randy! Perfect timing as I just revamped my website and their session blog will be the first to help me debut the look.

Baby O was the feisty little baby and wanted to party instead at my studio. We got a number of images and we decided it was best to do a lifestyle session as that was where his journey began. The lifestyle session took place 6 weeks later and when you put the newborn and lifestyle photos together, it’s amazing how fast he has grown.  He has such big eyes for a little guy too. Jenny and Randy were so happy baby O was quiet during the lifestyle session. He didn’t snooze but he was quiet and allowed the parents to give him lots of cuddles and attention.

Congrats guys! I’m sure I’ll be seeing him lots at our friends’ party gatherings and I look forward to see how much he grows.

Calgary newborn photographer_0001Calgary newborn photographer_0002Calgary newborn photographer_0003Calgary newborn photographer_0004Calgary newborn photographer_0005Calgary newborn photographer_0006Calgary newborn photographer_0007Calgary newborn photographer_0008Calgary newborn photographer_0009Calgary newborn photographer_0010Calgary newborn photographer_0011Calgary newborn photographer_0012

Baby T: Calgary Newborn Photographer in Studio Session

I previously photographed Jenn and Norman’s maternity session at their home in the gorgeous nursery that they prepared for their baby boy. Baby T was 9 days old and he was under 6 lbs  with soft black hair. He is an absolute dream baby for any newborn photographers. Baby T just slept through the whole session without a peep and we even finished early by 30 minutes!  The whole session went smoothly that we were able to pull out three different setting looks before finishing up with family photos. The beanbag is the primary one I use first (gray and then a white textured fabric) , followed with the silver pail and the little bed.

Congrats Jenn and Norman on the newest addition to your family!
Calgary newborn photographer_0001.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0002.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0003.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0004.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0005.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0006.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0007_edited-1.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0008.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0009.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0010.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0011.jpg

Calgary newborn photographer_0012.jpg

Calgary Indian Wedding Photographer: Multi Days Event and at Coast Plaza Hotel

The last week in February was a whirlwind of a multi-days Indian wedding. It was also the week the city went into a deep freeze of -40c too!  I got to know the bride Salma’s family even further because she’s the sister of one of my Indian couple from 2010. There were so many family members in and out of the house with the multi-days festivities and I was dazzled by so many colorful saris and sparkly bangles.

On Day 1 it was the Bride’s Haldi event, where the bride had turmeric paste put on her face by different family members and watched by the brides’ friends and family. It’s tradition to have the haldi before the actual ceremony because it’s like a beauty session and to protect her from evil spirits.

Day 2 was the sanchak mehndi event. This time it was the groom’s side of the family to bear gifts and to bless the bride.   After Salma went upstairs for the night, Salma’s sister and friends demanded the groom Moiz to be brought out for sanchak. Another fun traditional part where they demanded Moiz to pay up so he can marry Salma.:)Once they agree on the money terms, he would let them put a bit of mehndi on his finger. It was a lot of negotiations too because family members would give their opinion if the money amount was too little or too much.  Unfortunately for Moiz, he didn’t have an easy time because everyone kept tackling him to dot his finger so he could pay up their requested amount!

Day 3 was the Nikah event where they were religiously married with a priest overseeing them.

Day 4 was the Nikah reception with over 200 friends and families to celebrate the marriage. I started the day early at Salma’s house for the getting ready part and it was super elaborate. The jewelry wasn’t just necklace and earrings, but it was also hair ornaments too carefully arranged before she got into her bridal sari outfit. The outfit had to be tucked and pinned in the right places to follow Salma’s village traditions. Once that was complete, it was off to the Coast Plaza hotel to do Salma and Moiz’s first look and to stay for the reception events.

Congratulations Salma and Moiz for all the energy to complete a 4 days wedding and big thanks to Stephanie Couture for helping me second shoot!

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0001.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0002.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0003.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0011.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0012.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0013.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0016.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0017.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0018.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0019.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0021.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0022.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0023.jpg

Calgary indian wedding photographer_0024.jpg