Calgary Wedding Photographer Downtown Wendy + Gawie’s Special Day

The first wedding of 2017 and it was a sizzling hot day in Calgary. It was over 27c on the first weekend in May! I was very excited being Wendy and Gawie’s photographer for their big day. I got to know Wendy from our weekly Wednesday’s art class. She is an amazing oil painter and she paints bright and cheerful flowers and landscapes to paint. You should have seen the beach painting she did. I wanted to buy it from her if only it wasn’t a Christmas gift for her parents!

The church ceremony started promptly at 1:00 pm. My most favorite part of any ceremony is when the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her for the first time. I could tell Gawie was overwhelmed to see Wendy and tried to hold back his emotions. After the ceremony, we went to Olympic Plaza. That was where Gawie proposed to Wendy during winter.

Here are their words of how it happened, and some words of wisdom when planning a wedding.

Congratulations Wendy and Gawie, and wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

1. How did you get engaged?

Gawie came home from his on shift of work right after Christmas, we normally do something fun on Tuesdays with my sister and her boyfriend. He had suggested on our group chat that we go skating, at Olympic Plaza, which I have been asking to do for a few years. I was so excited that we were finally going to go skating there, because I always thought it was a cute and romantic date place. That evening we went down to Olympic plaza with my sister and her boyfriend, and I was just very excited to be there. They had Christmas lights on and music playing. Claire had to rent skates so we went over the rental shack, and she has suggested that Gawie and I go put our skates on, but Rylan was like no! were family, we gotta stick together. I did not think anything of tha either. So when we finally got our skates we were walking over to put them on and Gawie kept saying no not that spot, so we walked over to the stairs, where there not a lot of people around. And I sat down to start doing my skates, and I could tell that Rylan was video tapping us, but I thought it was snapchat and making fun of how I needed help with my skates. Claire though it was weird because Gawie does not like having his picture taken. Gawie was putting on my one skate, and I was putting on the other one. So I was looking up at Rylan, or at my skates and then all of a sudden there was a ring in front of me. I immediately teared up and gasped. Then Gawie, asked Will you marry me? And I said yes very quickly! We hugged and kissed, all while crying, and put the ring on. Claire in usual fashion, didn’t realize what was happening at first. We all then skated for about 5 minutes and then went for drinks on Stephen Ave.

2. What is your most favorite part of the wedding planning process and why?

Coming up with the décor elements, and creating them. Also getting to see family and friends more through this process, everyone coming together to help out ?

3. What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding?

Try to keep calm ( easier said than done). Use an excel spreadsheet to track spending and budgets. Communicate with each other, try to figure out if there is a reason why they want something specific. Make sure to include things that booth the groom and bride enjoy and like. Know when to compromise about things, look at the bigger picture, you are getting married not having a wedding.

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Wedding Dress: Novia Mia

Groom’s Tux: Derks Formal

Bridesmaids’ Dress: Henkaa

Hair Makeup Artist: Stephanie at Shoppers Drug Mart, Kara- Bangles Hair Studio and Spa

Florist: Hen and Chicks

Catering: Kim’ Catering

DJ: Backstreet Productions

Invitations: Vista Print












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