Calgary Wedding Photographer: Yvonne + Henry’s July Wedding Regency Palace

Yvonne and Henry married just this past weekend just after the heat wave and fire smokes passed by. They tied the knot at the Wedding Pavillion where I always loved shooting there. The bridal room was picturesque with her wedding gown hanging from the three way mirror and her Kate Spade shoes sitting prettily on the couch. The preparation time flew by so fast with her six bridesmaids helping Yvonne into the dress. With six bridesmaids, this is definitely my largest wedding party to date! Ian Steiner, my awesome second shooter, was with Henry’s side and he captured some really cute photos of the kids playing with their pug dog Tofu. <3

After the wedding party photo shoot at a park, I asked Yvonne and Henry if they were game to take some photos inside Dragon City Mall. I’ve been to the Regency Palace a few times for weddings but we never had enough time to do some dramatic photos and this was a chance I couldn’t pass up. Am I glad they were ok to sneak off for 10 minutes to get some very different photos with me!

Yvonne and Henry found a very cool videography company called Airau and to also do a slow motion photobooth video. It was pretty hilarious watching the guy side spray Henry with sticky foam while the girls were showered in petals and glitter in slow mode on the playback monitor.

It was lots of fun and laughter that day and I wish Yvonne and Henry the best in their new life together.  🙂


Calgary wedding photographer_0002Calgary wedding photographer_002bCalgary wedding photographer_0003Calgary wedding photographer_004Calgary wedding photographer_0005Calgary wedding photographer_0006Calgary wedding photographer_0007Calgary wedding photographer_0008Calgary wedding photographer_009Calgary wedding photographer_0010Calgary wedding photographer_0011Calgary wedding photographer_0012Calgary wedding photographer_0013Calgary wedding photographer_0014Calgary wedding photographer_0015Calgary wedding photographer_0016Calgary wedding photographer_0017Calgary wedding photographer_0018Calgary wedding photographer_0019Calgary wedding photographer_0020Calgary wedding photographer_0021Calgary wedding photographer_0022Calgary wedding photographer_0023Calgary wedding photographer_0024Calgary wedding photographer_0025Calgary wedding photographer_0026Calgary wedding photographer_0027Calgary wedding photographer_0028Calgary wedding photographer_0029Calgary wedding photographer_0030Calgary wedding photographer_0031Calgary wedding photographer_0032Calgary wedding photographer_0033Calgary wedding photographer_0034Calgary wedding photographer_0035Calgary wedding photographer_0036Calgary wedding photographer_0037Calgary wedding photographer_0038Calgary wedding photographer_0039Calgary wedding photographer_0040

Some different looks for them compared to the park.

Calgary wedding photographer_0041Calgary wedding photographer_0042Calgary wedding photographer_0043Calgary wedding photographer_0044It’s time for game #1, who is your wife.Calgary wedding photographer_0045

Henry did guess right who was his wife from touching the hand.Calgary wedding photographer_0046Calgary wedding photographer_0047

Poor guy thought he kissed the maid of honor Lyn and was freaking out! Calgary wedding photographer_0048Calgary wedding photographer_0049Calgary wedding photographer_0050Calgary wedding photographer_0051Calgary wedding photographer_0052

Game #3 was guess who’s your husband by touching butts!Calgary wedding photographer_0053Calgary wedding photographer_0054Some action shots from the photobooth!Calgary wedding photographer_0055Calgary wedding photographer_0056Calgary wedding photographer_0057Calgary wedding photographer_0058Calgary wedding photographer_0059Calgary wedding photographer_0060

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