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Spring is my absolute favorite season for engagement and weddings. The weather is just starting to be warm enough that my couples won’t have to freeze outside. Plus that also means creating romantic photos with all the pink and white colors from the cherry and apple trees! It’s too bad that the flowers are only around for 2-3 weeks pending on temperature, wind and rain.  I was lucky that Alex and Mey traveled down from Edmonton this weekend to get their session done before their big summer wedding. These guys were troopers  yesterday with the weather reaching the high 20s and they had to work it with the hot sun beating down on them. None the less, we got some beautiful photos of them surrounded by nature.

For now here are a few sneak previews.

Calgary apple blossoms spring engagement wedding photographerCalgary wedding photographer spring blossoms outdoors nature_0004Calgary cherry pink blossoms engagement wedding photographer sessionCalgary wedding photographer spring blossoms outdoors nature_0003

Natalie and Pat are getting married this coming summer in Calgary and their engagement session was documented last summer for Save the Dates card (link here). Fast forward six months later, Natalie and Pat bought the most adorable Bernese Mountain puppy. They wanted to get photos done while she was still small, as Bernese grows up to be 100 lbs. So on Valentine’s Day, I got to meet Penny and her Instagram is “penny_the_bernese” if you want to follow her!  She is such a friendly dog because the first time we met, she came running over giving doggy kisses and sniffing me.  No doubt from my daschunds’ Pepper and Duke’s scent.

We started off getting some photos in their home and then went outside. That weekend was so soggy from the rapidly melting snow that parks were nixed. Instead we headed for the concrete jungle in downtown where it was much drier to get some family photos and some of Natalie and Pat alone. Haha I was multitasking holding the camera in one hand while holding onto Penny’s leash in the other.

Enjoy the photos and I can’t wait to see how big she will be on the wedding day.

Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0001Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0002Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0003The many faces of Penny and her thoughts: “I want that treat”, “I’m getting attention”, “What was that outside?” to “It’s playtime with my elephant friend.”Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0004Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0005I can see Penny thinking “Yay I’m getting lots of attention from the humans today.”Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0006Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0014Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0008Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0009Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0010Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0011Love this black and white version of them. Feels very much like a modeling ad for the clothes they’re wearing.Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0012Penny made a friend today!Calgary engagement bernese puuppy wedding photographer_0013

Yah! This sweet couple will get their engagement photos in time for the Christmas holidays.  2014 is about to wrap up and next year Alyssa and Casey will get married in exactly 7 months. When they get married, the scenery on their wedding day will look vastly different from their winter urban engagement photo session. We started off at the pub for a quick class of beer (gah, now I’m thirsty looking at it) and then meandered down the street at whatever caught my eye. I love these guys that they were willing to let me choose certain areas for the color. Including asking if they could sit in a tiny area between buildings with a roof dripping water over them 🙂

Casey has quite the hat collection and I never knew they made a case just to hold hats. Looks like I’ll be expecting a hat at his wedding 😉

Congrats guys on the engagement and enjoy the wedding plan time!

Calgary urban engagement winter_0022

Calgary urban engagement winter_0002Calgary urban engagement winter_0003Calgary urban engagement winter_0004calgary urban engagement photographercalgary urban engagement wedding winter Calgary urban engagement winter_0007Calgary urban engagement winter_0008Calgary urban engagement winter_0009Calgary urban engagement winter_0010Calgary urban engagement winter_0011Calgary urban engagement winter_0012Calgary urban engagement winter_0013Calgary urban engagement winter_0014calgary wedding engagement photos in winter timeCalgary urban engagement winter_0015Calgary urban engagement winter_0016Calgary urban engagement winter_0017Calgary urban engagement winter_0018Calgary urban engagement winter_0019urban calgary engagement session 2

I was going to take this one out because I didn’t realize Casey stuffed his neon hat in his back pocket with the yellow pom pom hanging out. But I figured these two will find it funny!Calgary urban engagement winter_0020urban calgary engagement session 1

Ruby details on the sides to represent their birth month stones. Love the little details this ring has and against the colorful yarn too.Calgary urban engagement winter_0021

I’m so stocked for Alyssa and Casey’s wedding coming up next summer in July. July was picked because both of them are July birthday babies, they met in July and got engaged in July. Super easy to remember and falls in line with their major life moments 🙂

For now here’s a few sneak preview from yesterday’s winter engagement session until I get the full blog post done.

urban calgary engagement session 3urban calgary engagement session 2urban calgary engagement session 1