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This year spring arrived right on time and by the beginning of May, we were getting green grass and the tree foliage was starting to fill in. It was perfect timing when Shikha and Kyle planned their spring maternity session at the end of May with the hot weather happening in the evening.

Photographing the session in the south is one of my favorite spots because you get such versatility in one location from the walkways, river and adorable white picket fences.

I was really happy when they chose one of my absolute favorite image from the session, which was the one Shikha wearing the white dress softly lit with the foliage around her. I’m very excited to meet their little one when baby makes their debut.

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I can’t believe how fast time has gone by since Yvonne and Henry’s wedding was held at the Calgary Wedding Pavilion (link for their wedding). I was happy when I received the news they were expecting their first child and wanted me to be their maternity photographer. Gender will be determined when baby makes his/ her appearance and I can’t wait to see if it’ll be a boy or girl.

Evening sessions are my favorite time of the day to photograph couples, and Yvonne and Henry were on board with the soft light. With so many different backgrounds, it was hard narrowing down which images to showcase because they looked stunning in all of them.  I’m really looking forward to when Baby Hy makes his/ her appearance!

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This year Calgary’s weather was so warm, the cherry blossoms started blooming a whole month early. We originally timed Jenn’s maternity session mid April but we shifted it to early May and hit the jackpot. The blossoms in the south side always bloom last and the flowers started blooming just before the session.

The Lau family is one of my favorite families to photograph. They’re so gracious and warm, and their little boy still holds the record for sleeping through his entire newborn session without a peep. And that is rare! I’m hoping their second baby will follow in his big brother’s footsteps.

calgary maternity photographer in city park southSpring Maternity011

“Wanna see what my sibling looks like?”

Spring Maternity019Spring Maternity023Spring Maternity025

I’m so glad we timed up the session with the cherry blossoms. Jenn looks so gorgeous with all the pink flowers.

Spring Maternity033Spring Maternity035gorgeous cherry blossoms in calgary photographyfamily calgary photographer in green park with cherry blossoms flowersSpring Maternity043

“Kiss me.” Theo giving his best Zoolander face <3

Spring Maternity045

Awww, Theo looks so tiny next to the tall tree.

Spring Maternity047

I can’t believe I’ve known this gal for 10 years when we just graduated from university and started working together. Now she’s expecting baby #2 and is only a few short weeks from delivering. With Calgary’s weather getting warmer, we booked off the weekend that was the warmest for both studio and outdoor lifestyle maternity photos. Even though everything outside is brown, we found a few spots covered with evergreens to get a more “spring look.”

I look forward to the newborn session and can’t wait to see who the baby will look like!

Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0001Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0002Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0003Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0004Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0005Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0006He’s a solemn little guy but I adore those kind of kids.Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0007Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0008Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0009So cute getting both sides of angles. From parents view to his laughter.Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0010How can you not aww at this? He’s playing peek a boo with us.Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0011Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0012Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0013Calgary maternity photographer studio lifestyle_0014

The weather in Calgary has been relentless lately. I’m so glad we had their family and maternity session on the last clear weekend of October. Even though the day was cold and windy, the parents and especially their little boy, toughed it out until it started snowing. We knew that if we waited for the next weekend in hopes of warm weather, it would be pretty unlikely with Calgary weather. And boy were we ever glad we didn’t reschedule because it did snow again just this past weekend.

This lovely family will be expecting their second addition soon after the new year and comes shortly after Jenn, Linna and Annie’s maternity and newborn sessions. Thank you guys for referring your family and friends to see me and thank you Sherry and Ben for asking me to photograph this special time for you! It means the world to me through word of mouth referral.

Here are some of the photos from that weekend. This family of three are counting down the days until they become a family of four.