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Baby Z took some time to settle in, but once she did, she was out like a light! Because it was such a warm June weekend, we decided to take advantage of it and go out in the backyard for some basket photos.

Here are some of my favorite images from the session.




9 days new Baby K made his appearance to the world and already has tons of personality already! From his scrunchy face when sleeping, to his wide eyed expression a few minutes later, one can tell he’s going to be an active little boy. With sporty parents who are into rock climbing, I can imagine he’ll follow in their footsteps one day.

I always encourage parents to bring something meaningful so we can incorporate it into photos. This one is the most memorable because Dad brought his rock climbing gear! I am in love with his gallery and my personal favorite is the rocking climbing gear photo.


Catching up on some more sessions this week and this newborn boy is no longer little today. This little guy is officially one month old today but the session was captured when he was 8 days old. Another long time friend wanted me to capture him before my Hawaii trip and we kept looking at the calendar almost daily hoping he would be born on time or earlier. He made his appearance right before Mother’s Day and I’m sure that was a really special day for the family.

Congrats to the Chon Family!calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0002calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0003calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0004calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0005calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0006This one is my favorite. I wanted to get some of his lips but he just tucked it in right away like he knew I was photographing them.calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0007calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0008calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0009calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0010Catching all the little details from his fingers, toes and nose.calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0011calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0012calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0013Their cute firstborn. Almost like he’s saying “why yes I’m this little guy’s older brother.”calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0014calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0015calgary newborn photographer studio baby props_0001


This little 9 days old lady is the second baby of my long-time friend from Grade 7. Thinking of all the shenanigans we had together, I’m getting flashbacks to the junior high classes, the biology lab experiments in high school and all the late nights at the tax office when we were co-op students. They were all super fun times and now here I am, photographing her second baby. I photographed their oldest daughter exactly 3 years ago and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. I’m truly lucky we’ve kept in touch all these years and to be the person to photograph each child’s newborn days.

Some of my favorite photos from last week. Mom’s favorite color is purple so there is a predominant purple theme here. 🙂

My favorite girl color combinations are purple and green!

baby girl newborn photographer in calgaryAnother little smile from A. <3smiling baby girl in calgary for photo sessionCalgary newborn photographer girl baby_0003Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0004Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0005Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0006Her older sister also posed in the exact same bucket and blanket. They could have been mistaken for each other.Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0007Long luscious lashes, so jealous!Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0008Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0009Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0010Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0011Calgary newborn photographer girl baby_0012

I was honored when an old dragon boating friend asked me to take newborn photos when the twins arrived. Little B and Miss J was born early at 34 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for a week and a bit. The twins were 17 days old when they got their first photo session. It went amazingly well posing the twins together and getting individual photos of each twin.  We were lucky that when Miss J decided to go to the bathroom, it missed the Dad by inches! Otherwise he wouldn’t have any clean clothes for the family portraits 😉

Congrats to the proud parents of the double trouble twins!

Calgary newborn twins photographer_001

Great crochet work from Grandma! The hats fit perfectly for the twins’ little noggins. It’s so important that hats are small to ensure a snug clean fit.

Calgary newborn twins photographer_0011

Calgary newborn twins photographer_0002

Awww a little smile from B.

Calgary newborn twins photographer_0003Calgary newborn twins photographer_0004

Can you guess which twin is who?Calgary newborn twins photographer_0005Calgary newborn twins photographer_0006Calgary newborn twins photographer_0007