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My last August baby is finally here! Kim and Frazer’s little boy arrived and he was almost 7.5 lbs. He had the most adorable round cheeks and a healthy crop of black hair. He peed and pooped all over, but he stayed sound asleep for almost everything and got tons of great images.  Congrats Kim and Frazer on your little angel boy!

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So many August babies born slightly early than their due date and Baby C was one of them. He was over 5 lbs at 10 days old and welcomed by his parents and his older sister. His sister was such a cutie and when smiling for the camera, she would grin and shout “smile!” Now I wish all the kids could do this!


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Little L was such a tiny peanut weighing only 5 lbs when I saw him at 14 days old. Just like his cousin, he slept almost the entire way through and didn’t fuss. Only when we stuck him in the swaddle sack did he wake up and look at me, like questioning why we were doing this to him 😉 I can only hope that their cousin who will make their appearance in mid September, will have the same sleepy gene as these two little boys.

Thanks Linna and Tim for asking me to take photos of these special moments! Enjoy your time with him because they grow up way too fast.

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I absolutely love this family’s lifestyle newborn session set at their home. Their home provided so much natural light everywhere, from the little office nook to the nursery and to the bedrooms. Baby N was already 5 weeks old so we did mostly a lifestyle session. While waiting for N to fall asleep, chatting with Andrew was very fun as I found out more about his acting job. He had a good laugh when I told him how much I got paid to be an extra in Jackie Chan and Lucy Lui’s movie Shanghai Noon in 1998. For 16 hours and wearing old traditional Chinese costume with a 5 lb hat (I’m not kidding. I think I got shorter from it), I was paid the minimum wage $6/hr. It’s come a long way since then as extras are paid much more now!

Once N settled in, we did the lifestyle photos but I was able to squeeze in the basket for a posed look.  He snoozed in the basket for a small cat nap while I was able to grab some shots of him lying up and tummy down. But pretty soon he started staring at me with those blue eyes but still remained very quiet.

As a special request, Andrew wanted me to photograph him and N in the shoe room, his shoe room! It was a room with a glass cabinet of all the different Nike shoes. That was only a percentage of it because there were more in the closet. Someday N will inherit the collection along with the baby ones his parents have started for him. All I have to say is that he’s one lucky baby 🙂 .

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I love it when new clients find me through their friends and family who I have photographed previously. This beautiful family contacted me shortly after baby K was born and we quickly scheduled a session when baby K was 13 days old.  After talking to the mom how she found me, I realized that baby K looked so similar to her cousin who I photographed a few months back. Just like her cousin, baby K didn’t want to sleep and spent a lot of time looking at me quietly with her blue eyes. She eventually got tired and when mom went to the kitchen to clean the dishes, baby K passed out quickly. Perfect timing because I had the basket and the bucket all set up and I managed to get lots of cute sleeping shots.  I even loved how she gave me a little smile like she was having fun sleeping in the bucket!

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