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Seriously, Amanda and Matt are hands down, one of my most favorite couples I’ve worked to date! With so much creative freedom from the wedding photography to the calligraphy side, I had a blast working with them for their Charbar wedding in the heart of Calgary.

The stationery was one of my favorite things from the wedding details side because we narrowed down which elements they wanted to use for the wedding and what was important to them. When their first engagement session got postponed because of a thick fog covering the downtown, it obscured any hopes of an urban look. So we took that chance to hang out and talk about their invites. I met their little hedgehog pet Wonton and I suggested he should play a part. When I got to their reception, I was pleasantly surprised to see a charming hedgehog cake made by their friend baker Shana. Their reception was gorgeous decorated with those terrariums that ended up being the mystery prize at each table based on who was the youngest and oldest at each table.

Congrats Amanda and Matt on your beautiful wedding day! I’m always grateful to be a part of a wedding day, and this one will always hold a special place in my heart.

Calgary wedding calligrapher calligraphy vow bookscalgary wedding calligrapher calligraphy stationery

The first look was one of the highlights as it allowed them to get a glimpse of each other privately before anyone else did.  You can definitely see all those happiness overflowing when Matt turned around.

calgary wedding photographer charbar

Flower girl Isobel is efficient distributing those flowers. So cute tipping the entire basket in one go!

Calgary Wedding Photographer Charbar WeddingVendors:

Photography: Debbie Wong Photography,

Second shooter: With Love From Near + Far,

Wedding dresses: David’s Bridal

Wedding shoes: Converse low tops from Nordstrom

Groom’s suit: Huey Lam

Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids’ earrings: Lacebrick Design

Bridesmaids’ necklaces : Dibbidy Designs

Flower girl dress: Nordstrom

Groomsmens’ suit: Moore’s

Hair and Makeup Artist: RedBloom East Village

Stationery, vow books, calligraphy, mirror seating chart, agate favors: Debbie Wong Design

Florist and centerpieces: Kensington Florist

Cake: Cakes by ShanaJane

Ceremony and reception venue: Charbar

Officiant: Ceremonies by Design

Linen and cake stand rentals : Chair Flair

Guest Book: Hannah Abma

DJ: Local DJ

It was such an incredible whirlwind day for Tracy and Thong’s wedding day from morning until night time. Surrounded by a large entourage of their friends and families, they started the day with a tea ceremony followed by their wedding ceremony before whisking off to the reception in Calgary. Here are some of the photos just to show how much went on during this hot summer day.

Congratulations Tracy and Thong and wishing you much happiness on this new journey!

Some super pretty shoes from Badgley Mischka!

Crushing hard on these details on her dress for the tea ceremony <3

I wasn’t kidding you when I said entourage 😉 Two roasted pigs and several dishes filled with traditional gifts for the bride’s family.

It wouldn’t be complete without some door crashing games. Passing a card from groom to groom takes skill and timing to make it work.

Game #2, eat the spring roll while doing pushups.

Some tears when remembering loved ones who couldn’t be there on this day.

Calgary Wedding Photographer Asian Tea Ceremony

Something about this fluid movement caught my eye and I kept this image. Reminds me very much of the film look.


Wedding dresses: Custom Ao Dai from Saigon Vietnam, Bridal Boutique and David’s Bridal

Wedding shoes: Badgley Mischka

Suit: Harry Rosen

Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal

Makeup Artist: Mylynn
Hair: Donavan Tran

Florist: Creative Edge

Cake: Laurier Restaurant by Chef Eric

Reception venue: Forbidden City

Decor: Chair Flair

Videographer: Next Episode

DJ: DJ A (David Akinnuoye)

I first met Lyn when she was the maid of honor for Yvonne’s wedding and I thought she was super helpful with fluffing Yvonne’s dress, carrying her bouquet etc. Just the little things make the day so much smoother for everyone as we all know how busy a wedding can be. Fast forward to September last year when she contacted me that she’s getting married to Alex. I was honored to capture their special day with so many of their friends and families traveling from many different places to witness the celebration. After the ceremony, I took them out for their wedding photos in nature on that summer day in Calgary. That day was very hot and humid, reaching almost 30c. Everyone in their wedding party rocked it with the heat, and Lyn and Alex did amazingly well for their portraits. Because they’re from out of town, we didn’t do an engagement session to break the ice and get used to the camera. Despite that, we worked really well for the first time!

  1. How did you get engaged? (always my favorite thing to know about my couples!)

Alex and Lyn skipped Valentine’s day this year (2016) with the promise from Alex that he would make up for it with a cute date at a later day. The following month, Alex made plans to take Lyn to a nice outdoor spa and a fancy restaurant for dinner on a snowy day. After a relaxing afternoon at the spa, Alex insisted to go for a walk near the Museum of History by the river, despite Lyn’s pleas that they would be late for their dinner reservation. After a bit of convincing from Alex that they could get some nice pictures of the city to add to their date, Lyn agreed to go for a walk but would not stop complaining about the cold.

When they finally got to the river, Alex was making conversation about how lucky and happy he was to have Lyn in his life and what a perfect day they were having… then he briefly turned away and got down on one knee, while saying “There is something I have been meaning to ask you”, while opening a ring case with his hands: “will you marry me?” Lyn was so shocked and excited and nodded while gathering herself to say “yes!”

  1. What is your most favorite part of the wedding planning process and why?

Knowing that everyone we care about will be able to come celebrate with us

  1. What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding?

Hire a wedding decorator/coordinator!


Calgary wedding photographer fine art natureCalgary summer wedding

Absolutely swooning over the details on her red dress!


Wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses: Custom ordered from China

Suit: Hugo Boss

Hair Makeup Artist: Aprille Lu

Florist: DIY

Ceremony venue, reception, cake: Carriage House Inn

Decor: Elegant Décor

DJ: Outright Entertainment

Here is part 2 of Lida and Steve’s wedding and continuing on after the tea ceremony. After the tea ceremony with both sides of their families, it was time to trek down to Spruce Meadows for their first look and wedding ceremony. I’m always excited when couples want to do a first look because it’s an intimate moment without anyone else surrounding them. It truly did look like a fairytale moment where they were standing.

I am in love with all of Lida and Steve’s photos. Like their engagement photos (click on the link here for their e-session), they got both architecture and blossoms for their wedding photos. When Lida asked for the pink tree blossoms, I was doubtful we would find any after the May long weekend’s humid weather and massive rain and wind storm before the wedding. The storm blew away so many blossoms, but luck prevailed that we found a couple of pink AND white blossoms! Now I’m a bit terrified future brides will want both color blossoms for BOTH engagement and wedding photos. Lida and Steve, you have certainly set the bar high for future weddings ?

Congratulation Lida and Steve on a beautiful wedding! Now a few words from the couple themselves, including their engagement story.

  1. How did you get engaged?

Steven planned a surprise weekend getaway to San Francisco. He picked me up from work and we went straight to the airport. He even packed my bag and everything, I had no idea where we were going. After spending the day exploring the embarcadero of San Francisco, we ended up walking to the Oakland Bay Bridge and that’s where he popped the question.

  1. What is your most favorite part of the wedding planning process and why?

Our favorite part of the planning process is seeing the excitement from our friends and family.

  1. What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding?

Try not to procrastinate and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Calgary wedding photographer architectureCalgary spruce meadows fairytale bride groom

When you have a pretty lace dress like that, it has to be twirled

Calgary spruce meadows bride and groomCalgay wedding photographer pink blossom

During the night, a few games was played. The first game was Steve guessing which hand belonged to his bride. He did pretty well, and some maybe’s were pulled out for further inspection.

Further inspection meant sniffing their necks.

Is this your bride? Steve said no.

Oops, that meant Priscilla was his bride.

A heart felt speech from Steve to his parents.

Game 2, feel those butts!

Is this your husband? Lida said yes!

Oops, sorry Steve!

Game 3, those MC’s are ruthless! A dance off to see who is the better dancer.

A surprise for Steve organized by Lida! Flash dance to old school music like N’Sync’s Bye Bye Bye.

Garter toss? Instead of a garter, Steve whipped out things like a rubber chicken and a golf club before the real deal.


Shoes: Kate Spade and Hugo Boss

Bridal dress: Ever After Bridal

Groom’s suit: Crown Tailors

Bridesmaids dress: David’s Bridal

Photographer: Debbie Wong Photography

Second photographer: Christina Dawn Photography

Makeup Artist: Jenny Vuong (Instagram: makeupbyjenny_v)

Hair Artist: Tanya Paul (Instagram: mpirestyles)

Florals: Serenity Florals

Cake: Cake by Rita

Ceremony: Spruce Meadows

Reception: Regency Palace

DJ: Pez Productions

Photobooth: Pose & Pucker Photobooth

Backdrop: Affordable Chair Covers

Lida and Steve got married at the end of May and powered through a 15 hours wedding! The day was over 15 hours because their wedding also included an early morning tea ceremony before walking down the aisle in Calgary. With so many activities going on and happy moments, I decided to split the wedding blog into two parts. Part 1 will be about the tea ceremonies at their home and Steve’s parents’ home.

Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0001Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0001cCalgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0002Never underestimate the power of the Internet when checking out how to pin a boutonniere!

Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0003Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0004Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0005Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0006Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0007Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0008Calgary wedding photographer tea ceremonyCalgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0010Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0011Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0012Calgary wedding asian photographer bridesmaidsCalgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0014I love this moment! Lida gifting all of her bridesmaid with special jewellery before the door games began.

Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0015Calgary wedding photographer bridesmaids candidCalgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0018Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0019

Let the door games begin! Game 1, passing a card via mouth to mouth from the driveway all the way to the door step.

Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0020

Game 2, pick your sauce or food. From a very sour (green!) orange to sauce, every groomsmen had to eat something.

Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0021Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0022Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0023Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0024Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0025Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0026

Game 3, sing a Backstreet Boys Song. I think it was Quit Playing Games with My Heart? I was upstairs and Christina Corby, my awesome second photographer, was outside with the guys.

Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0027Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0028Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0029Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0030Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0031Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0032Mocha, their furbaby that I met at their engagement session.

Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0033Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0034Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0035Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0036Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0037Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0038Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0039Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0040Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0041Calgary asian wedding photographer tea ceremony_0042Calgary wedding photography asian bride red dress


Shoes: Kate Spade and Hugo Boss

Bridal dress: Ever After Bridal

Groom’s suit: Crown Tailors

Bridesmaids dress: David’s Bridal

Photographer: Debbie Wong Photography

Makeup Artist: Jenny Vuong (Instagram: makeupbyjenny_v)

Hair Artist: Tanya Paul (Instagram: mpirestyles)

Florals: Serenity Florals

Cake: Cake by Rita

Ceremony: Spruce Meadows

Reception: Regency Palace

DJ: Pez Productions

Photobooth: Pose & Pucker Photobooth

Backdrop: Affordable Chair Covers