Lyn + Alex’s Calgary Summer Wedding Out in Nature

I first met Lyn when she was the maid of honor for Yvonne’s wedding and I thought she was super helpful with fluffing Yvonne’s dress, carrying her bouquet etc. Just the little things make the day so much smoother for everyone as we all know how busy a wedding can be. Fast forward to September last year when she contacted me that she’s getting married to Alex. I was honored to capture their special day with so many of their friends and families traveling from many different places to witness the celebration. After the ceremony, I took them out for their wedding photos in nature on that summer day in Calgary. That day was very hot and humid, reaching almost 30c. Everyone in their wedding party rocked it with the heat, and Lyn and Alex did amazingly well for their portraits. Because they’re from out of town, we didn’t do an engagement session to break the ice and get used to the camera. Despite that, we worked really well for the first time!

  1. How did you get engaged? (always my favorite thing to know about my couples!)

Alex and Lyn skipped Valentine’s day this year (2016) with the promise from Alex that he would make up for it with a cute date at a later day. The following month, Alex made plans to take Lyn to a nice outdoor spa and a fancy restaurant for dinner on a snowy day. After a relaxing afternoon at the spa, Alex insisted to go for a walk near the Museum of History by the river, despite Lyn’s pleas that they would be late for their dinner reservation. After a bit of convincing from Alex that they could get some nice pictures of the city to add to their date, Lyn agreed to go for a walk but would not stop complaining about the cold.

When they finally got to the river, Alex was making conversation about how lucky and happy he was to have Lyn in his life and what a perfect day they were having… then he briefly turned away and got down on one knee, while saying “There is something I have been meaning to ask you”, while opening a ring case with his hands: “will you marry me?” Lyn was so shocked and excited and nodded while gathering herself to say “yes!”

  1. What is your most favorite part of the wedding planning process and why?

Knowing that everyone we care about will be able to come celebrate with us

  1. What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding?

Hire a wedding decorator/coordinator!


Calgary wedding photographer fine art natureCalgary summer wedding

Absolutely swooning over the details on her red dress!


Wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses: Custom ordered from China

Suit: Hugo Boss

Hair Makeup Artist: Aprille Lu

Florist: DIY

Ceremony venue, reception, cake: Carriage House Inn

Decor: Elegant Décor

DJ: Outright Entertainment

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